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Supporting Hornsby UC financially during the Covid-19 times, or when you are away from home.

To all attendees of Hornsby Uniting church, who wish to contribute to our work, during the shut down with Covid-19 - to cover our ongoing expenses, we need your continuing contributions even though the church is closed.
There are 2 methods to make contributions, each involves the one account, the details of which are:-.

The bank is Uniting Financial Services. The account is called "Hornsby UC - Giving Direct", with BSB 634634, and account number 100030480.

1. Direct Debit is already used by some of the members. It is probably the best method for people who do not do their banking online. We are grateful for your support, and this method involves nominating  a regular amount of money which you agree to have taken out of your account  at regular intervals. You can either do this yourself through this contact : and select "Make a Direct Debit Request" (giving direct) pdf form, from the left hand side of the page. Complete the form and send it to Uniting Financial Services, after deciding how much you want to contribute, and how often you want to pay. There is a "Service Agreement Terms and Conditions" page which will help you understand and complete the form. Remember you can opt out, or change amounts at any time. If this method appeals to you, and you do not have access to a computer, but prefer this method, let me know and I can arrange to get you a form.

2. Direct Giving. Best option if you do your banking online. This allows you to just give however much you want to give, when you are able to give, by either transferring from your bank account to the account above. You can also, in most banks, make a choice to have this amount sent regularly (weekly, monthly …) and put a comment against the amount, saying “Offering” or something to identify the payment.
With both these methods your contributions are anonymous, and money from this account is transferred into our main account once a month.

3. SEEDS OF GROWTH – At this point the congregation still has a commitment to make a regular contribution to the Synod’s wider work in the church (education, remote support etc). Unless Synod decides to suspend this programme, your help is still needed! It is suggested that if you are making your regular offering online, you set up a second regular contribution with a comment saying “Seeds of Growth” so that we know to assign that money correctly.

Margaret Howe, Treasurer

Thank You! Your ongoing support is essential and very much appreciated.

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